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UKYP Discrimination Project
Anyone who is familiar with the Somerset UK Youth Parliament will know that each of the three Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) has chosen a manifesto area that they work on during their two year term of office. During the 2015-17 term the manifesto areas are:


  • Young people for a safer community
  • Promoting and empowering young people's voices
  • Young people's health and well being


The UKYP Advisory Group members support the MYPs with these manifestos, but have also decided to launch their own project in addition to this.

The Discrimination Project will consist of lots of research, small projects and the creation of resources etc. It is likely to develop and branch out in different directions within the theme of Discrimination. The project could even continue into the new UKYP term of office which starts in March 2017.

I have been lucky enough to see some of the resources that are being developed and the work done by the young people is really impressive. A page will be created within the UKYP section of this website to collate everything and make it available for everyone to see.

If you'd like a preview from the project, Chelsea White (MYP for Sedgemoor & Mendip) has produced an excellent insight into the topic of Feminism which you can download by clicking here.


Angela Derry
Project Support Officer - Youth & Community

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